One day workshop DNA-LIGHTING

Find your inner Power source

What will happen during the activation?

This blessing or activation will create a strong new Light field in and around ourselves which we consciously or unconsciously share with Earth and the people around us.

During this activation your DNA will be lit, activated and anchored. A connection will be formed between your DNA and the Devine power. The Devine Power itself will activate your DNA.

What will the DNA-lighting workshop consist of?

During this workshop your DNA will be lit, activated and anchored.

We are light, this light forms a network; it connects you to your inner light and works like a communication system from inside to outside and from outside to inside.

What is the effect?

It can give you a real energy boost!

You can have more energy and an instrument to be able to preserve your energy

You can feel your inner strength and you can notice that you can feel healthier and more full of life. The feelings of Love, strength peace and joy in you can be stimulated enormously.

You will be astonished how well you will feel after this special day and you will experience long and deep moments of joy and happiness.

It can enhance your creativity, it will strengthen your spiritual and personal growth and development.

You can become more yourself, who you really are and therefore you  can have the strength to follow and stand for your life goal.

For whom is this workshop and why is it the right thing for you?

It is for everyone who is open for inner fortune, or just to feel well, full of joy and happy.  It is for everyone who is open for big changes in their life, who is prepared to do the work on themselves, on route to a new time.


During  and after this activation, there is a cleansing. This cleansing will go on for 2×40 days. The DNA will be activated and a gradual process of activation will continue during  this period of time.

On our way to a new age and time!

This workshop and ceremony is a very special experience, and a powerful inauguration. Mankind has lost a lot of their Light and knowledge through the ages. Even the light in our DNA, which in origin was a lot larger than it is today.  This can and may now make a positive change back.

In potential, the Light will return in our DNA and body.

We, Karen and Ria, would love to give you this DNA Light activation in a fantastic workshop in a ceremonial way. With love, passion and inspiration for life itself and life here on Earth. We are both professional regression therapists, Reiki master-teachers and Life Coach.

Important crossroads in our lives have brought us together. We have worked together for years on the transpersonal path, through regression therapy, with Reiki and on our spiritual and personal path in life.  This has resulted into deep insights and the task to give you this activation NOW, at this moment in time.

Luckily we are not the only ones on Earth with this same task. A lot of people are working together with the Devine powers of the Universe to help people reach a higher vibration level in different ways and to help Mother Earth from destruction. We are very happy and glad to do our part as well, with the help of the Elohim, the Universal powers and  7 Masters of Light, also known as the 7 Rays of light.


If you would like to know more about this magnificent new workshop, or if you would like to enrol for it, you can contact

Ria Barnhoorn,

tel. +31455324357 or

e-mail: .

Maximum number of participants depends on the location the workshop will be given. If you have a group large enough, we will come to you! No matter where in the world you live. We believe that everyone in the world should be able to follow this workshop.

See our other website pages for more information and register for this wonderful workshop on or call us 0031455324357.